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Podcast: AI Today featuring Apache, ThoughtTrace Partner

Feb 5, 2019

Tim Custer, Apache’s SVP of Land, Business Development & Real Estate and a ThoughtTrace partner, is featured on the latest AI TODAY Podcast to discuss how Apache is using AI and ML technologies to extract valuable information from unstructured content.

Listen here:

Tim spearheaded Apache’s adoption of AI + ML technologies by quickly seeing tremendous value in ThoughtTrace software. Managing and operating nearly 60,000 oil and gas leases, Apache now quickly and accurately finds key provisions inside their contracts in just seconds.

Tim found that using ThoughtTrace equates to:

Cost Savings + Increased Data Integrity = Efficiencies that drive down costs

As an example, watch ThoughtTrace find where repairs on existing wells satisfy your leases Definition of Operations in under one minute.

Podcast: AI Today featuring Apache, ThoughtTrace Partner

Learn more about Contract Analytics for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.