Community AI-Model with ThoughtTrace Platform
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Community AI-Model


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Benefit from Advancements in AI Without Having to Build Your Own AI

Benefit from robust, highly trained and experienced AI-models without the massive undertaking of building a proprietary solution or training a solution that won’t understand your documents on Day 1. Community AI-Models provide the best results, while costing less time, money and resources.

  • Higher quantity and quality of documents and labeled data for training data-driven AI models
  • Continuous feedback from multiple sources is intelligently incorporated for everyone’s benefit
  • Automatic improvements are realized without any effort on your end


Smarter Every Day

ThoughtTrace has been trained on over 20 billion documents, and this number grows every day. Community-Driven Data models become faster and smarter with each passing document or piece of feedback. Customer requests turn into new insights for the community.

  • Maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of Artificial Intelligence
  • Customers have validated ThoughtTrace accuracy at up to 98%,  and outliers are identified for your review and valuable feedback.


Unique Customer Environments

Never share your data or your insights. Your information is never shared or exposed to others, and our SOC 2 Type 2 certification continues to demonstrate excellence in the area of Information Security.

Every customer is deployed using discrete and isolated infrastructure, but each customer still benefits from the collective knowledge of our entire customer base, yielding much more accurate, sophisticated, and robust models.

Lightning-Fast Time-to-Value

Trained for Your Organization by Legal and Industry Experts

Minimal Set Up Required

Models Trained to Recognize the Widely Applicable to the Highly Specific