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The Impact of AI in Industry

ALI™ is a SaaS application that separates, classifies, groups, organizes, and analyzes your contracts and agreements so you can focus on the most critical items. ALI is trained to read words, sentences, and paragraphs just like a human being. By using a combination of artificial intelligence and human analysis, ALI more accurately and efficiently processes and interrogates your contracts and agreements.

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  • Streamline Due Diligence
  • Deliver Accurate Data
  • Built for the Enterprise
  • Reveal New Insights
  • Focus Analysis on Critical Items
  • Extract Provisions Automatically
  • Instantly Understand Obligations
  • Accurately Categorize Agreements





The ALI™ Platform - How It Works

Fast and efficient document separation and classification provides visibility into your obligations and opportunities saving you time to do your job.
ALI automates the tedious and error-prone task of grouping and organizing information & data found within your leases, saving you valuable time.
ALI’s automated data extraction and analytics create complete transparency. The software extracts over 350 provisions & critical data elements.
Understand obligations, opportunities, and data quickly and accurately so you can prioritize due diligence based upon risk.

ALI Provision Insights is an application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly increase visibility, accuracy, and speed surrounding contractual document analysis.

Automatically reads, interprets, and extracts over 340 critical provisions and data elements specific to multiple industries. These include:

  • Right of Way
  • Assignments
  • Title Opinions
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • And more


Provision Insights provides a significant competitive advantage by quickly surfacing critical language in your contracts and agreements. 


ALI Document Insights uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly increase efficiencies and accuracy with automated document separation and classification of bulk documents. Additional capabilities include the ability to:

  • Search
  • View
  • Merge
  • Rearrange
  • Index
  • And delete pages and documents

ALI Data Insights is an analytics module that delivers the data exposed by ALI Provision Insights through your third-party Business Intelligence software. This enables you to integrate that data with your own internal data and systems to gain additional insights beyond what is available in ALI alone.

Data Insights provides the convenience of database views of ALI™ Provision Insights data and kick-starter analysis files for:

  • TIBCO Spotfire
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need ALI?

Today manual analysis is necessary to identify obligations, opportunities, and risks. Often it is difficult to access agreements that need to be identified, separated, and classified. The result is an incomplete understanding of materially important commitments and introduces the risk of missing critical elements.

ALI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract over 350 provisions and data elements in legal agreements and contracts greatly increasing visibility, accuracy, and speed surrounding contractual document analysis.

What are some of the provisions that ALI can find?
ALI can extract over 350 provisions from legal agreements. These include basic data like parties involved, date, term, and tracts, as well as more complex provisions including cost-free royalty, offset well requirements, indemnification, insurance requirements, construction bonuses, and more.
Who is using ALI?
The ALI platform provides valuable contract insights for organizations of all sizes, from startups to some of the world's leading companies. Our focus is on delivering overwhelming value to the specific needs of the Enterprise, and deploying solutions that scale and integrate even with the most sophisticated needs.
Can I see a demonstration?
Yes. Click the Request a demo button at the top of the page, and we'll get in touch with you to schedule a demonstration. 

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